Claudia Calligari:
A Chicago native, Claudia moved to California to chase the beautiful eternal sunshine offered by the left coast. Once here, she landed a job as a nursery sales representative, beginning a life-long fascination with horticulture. Never afraid to dive right into a challenge, she approached the male-dominated industry with curious enthusiasm. Claudia quickly realized that different growers’ strengths and weaknesses are evident in the material they grow. By sourcing material at various nurseries, she could provide higher quality material to realize clients’ design visions more accurately.
Lott Steffey:
Growing up in southern California, Lott inherited his infatuation for landscaping and forestry from his father. That spark grew over the years into a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Horticulture Science from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, an internship at an elite country club, a career at a major theme park, and even
co-owning an independent landscape consulting company. His extensive experience managing and overseeing landscape installation and maintenance projects offers a unique insight to the plant procurement process. Lott is certified as an arborist (ISA) as well as Integrated Pest Management (IPM). After teaming up with Claudia, Lott has demonstrated the same enthusiasm and tenacity to exceed the expectations of every client and project.

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